The Comprehensive Heart Failure Center (CHFC) Würzburg is a highly interdisciplinary research institute at the University Hospital Würzburg, which focus on study of heart failure and its accompanying diseases. By commissioning the new research building of CHFCs in December 2016 a 7T whole body MRI will be available for users of multiple MRI groups at this site, next to a modern research and imaging infrastructure. A key focus of 7T MRI will be on researching and establishing the ultra-high-field MRI in the field of cardiac imaging. Further research priorities in the field of MRI are hyperpolarization and dynamic shimming, and the development of appropriate hardware, coils and sequences.

Research areas

• Cardiovascular Ultra-high-field MRI
• Diffusions- and Perfusions-imaging at the heart
• Hyperpolarisation
• high-field-Imaging with appropriate Hardware- (Dynamic Shimming, RF-Coils) and Pulse-Sequence Development
• interventional MRI image processing and image evaluation
• MR-Spectroscopy and 1H-MRI, MR Imaging with X-Nuclei/Multinuclear Imaging
• Computational Cardiology
• Neurofunctional Imaging
• small animal imaging


CHFC-new construction (commissioning expected dezember 2016):
7T MRI (Siemens) with Cardiac Coil (1 Tx / 32 Rx) and Head Coil (8 Tx / 32 Rx)
7T MRI small animal MRI with Bird Cage Coil (86 mm), Mouse & Rat Cardiac Array Coil, Planar Surface coil (10 mm), 1H/19F Volume Coil)
coil lab/-workshop
genetically, chemical and biological laboratories
Nuclearmedical small animal imaging
At the Universitätsklinikum and at the University Würzburg:
several clinical MRIs from different manufacturers (1.5 T, 3T)
several experimental- and small animal MRIs (1.5 T, 7.0 T, 11.7 T & 17.6 T)
Nuclearmedical clinical- and small animal imaging


Universitätsklinikum Würzburg
Comprehensive Heart Failure Center (CHFC)
Straubmühlweg 2a, Haus A9
D-97078 Würzburg

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. et med. habil. Laura M. Schreiber, MBA
Director, Chair of Cellular and Molecular Imaging
Coordinator, Core Facility Imaging
Speaker, Department of Cardiovascular Imaging
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Tel: +49 931 – 201 46365
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