b_282_160_16777215_00_images_institute_maastricht_sn_7T.jpgThe core elements of the Scannexus facility are three (Ultra) High-Field whole-body human MRI scanners, supplied by Siemens; a 3T Prisma Fit, a 7T and a 9.4T. Access to the scanners is combined with dedicated customer-focused operational support, and the expertise of our clinical and technical networks. Currently, the main application fields are Cognitive Neuroscience (mainly by Maastricht-Brain Imaging Centre), MRI sequence development, Clinical research on the brain and, increasingly, in the body. Scannexus is an ISO 9001 certified company.


Research areas

• Anatomical and functional neuroimaging at 3T, 7T & 9.4TSequence development at 3T, 7T and 9.4T – structural and functional, e.g. Arterial Spin Labeling, Multiband EPI Imaging, 3D-EPI, In vivo and post mortem Diffusion MRI
• Real-time fMRI
• Development and maintenance of RF coils
• Entering the fields of MSK and MR spectroscopy


3T Siemens Prisma Fit, actively shielded magnet with 80 mT/m gradients
7T Siemens actively shielded magnet with 70 mT/m gradients (SC72)
9.4T Siemens passively shielded magnet with 80 mT/m gradients (AC84)
64 channel head/neck coil for 3T and Spine coil for 3 T
Small, medium and large flex arrays for 3T
32 channel receive coil / 1 channel transmit coil for 7T and 28 channel receive knee coil at 7T
31 channel receive coil/ 16 channel transmit coil for 9.4T (courtesy of MPI Tuebingen)
Custom built surface-array coils for high-resolution fMRI and post mortem imaging at 7T and 9.4T
fMRI equipment (e.g. screen for visual stimuli, auditory stimuli, response buttons, …)
8-Channel Parallel Transmit System at 7 T (Siemens Step 2.3)
16-Channel Parallel Transmit System at 9.4 T (Siemens Step 2.3)
Prospective motion camera (3 T and 7 T)
Experimental rooms for psychophysics, EEG, psychopharmacology, TMS
Coil lab


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Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience
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